About Alhana Insurance


Owned and managed by Hana Shawareb-Saliba, Alhana Insurance Brokers operate with over 20 years of experience in the international health insurance industry. Licensed by the Jordan Insurance Commission, our sole mission is to provide the highest-level private international health insurance plans available worldwide. We offer a wide range of health and travel insurance plans for both individuals and businesses. Alhana prides itself on the ultimate personal and professional service, continuously working to care, provide, and assist in all ways possible. An individual concierge service built on principles of trust and confidentiality.

Our services help you understand your health needs, tailor the right personal plan, and successfully complete an application. Acting as an intermediary between yourself and the insurer, we handle all medical claims and the receipt of reimbursements for all bills incurred. We also help you obtain pre-authorization for hospitalization services and a guarantee of payment from the insurer to the medical facility for direct settlement. Additionally, we provide access to free expert second medical opinion when needed.

We pride ourselves on successfully catering to the highest expectations. Our consultation and services are totally free of charge. There are never any additional fees, our customers will always pay what they would by going directly to the insurer.