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Owned and managed by Hana Shawareb-Saliba, Alhana Insurance Brokers operate with over 20 years of experience in the international health insurance industry. Licensed by the Jordan Insurance Commission, our sole mission is to provide the highest-level private international health insurance plans available worldwide. We offer a wide range of health and travel insurance plans for both individuals and businesses. Alhana prides itself on the ultimate personal and

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I can describe the level of service of Alhana Insurance anything but standard or ordinary. Alhana has been distinctly competent. You can always count on them when needed.
Mr. Khaled Kanaan
I have been a client of Hana Shawareb for 13 years, and my experience has been simply flawless. Not only can one count on getting the clearest and most straight forward response that can be hoped for and in no time, but as you find your way with the right info and recommendations, you soon realize that other than the immaculate efficiency, you are also enjoying a very friendly attitude. I would strongly recommend “Alhana Insurance Brokers” to anyone who is looking for the shortest way to his peace of mind.
Mr. Sami Jayoussi
The personal care, attention to detail and unrivalled customer service is what makes Alhana stand out! I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants peace of mind.
H.E. Mr. Marwan Juma
I have been getting excellent services from Alhana Insurance Brokers such as Follow up claims with the insurance company Bupa, Clarifying policy details and whenever I have a question, they are just there to answer. It has been very good service for many years.
H.E. Mrs. Subhieh Maani
Insurance is well defined worldwide but at the same time it could be, in many cases, distorting and vague and because it contains so much information, clauses, sub clauses and sub sub clauses one could misunderstand or miss out on vital information regarding his policy. After many years of independently managing my own insurance policies, I chose to hand you over my file and the files of my family not only because of your vast experience and integrity, but because you manage to shed so much light on what feels like loads of grey lines and meanings between the lines. I thank you for your clarity, for your support and for all your advice on what's best for me and for my family regarding insurance.
Mr. Elias Baddour



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